ElectraCold is always interested in talking to any group, or individual, who would like to join in our effort to rid the world of diesel driven refrigeration units on trucks and trailers. ElectraCold is in the unique position of having over 30 years experience in the development of hydraulic driven refrigeration equipment. ElectraCold hopes to eventually supply electric driven units to all markets currently supplied by Thermo King and Transicold.

At present, there are approximately 1,200,000 diesel driven units on the road in the U.S. with an annual demand of about 25,000 new units. The market for transport refrigeration units exceeds 2 billion dollars per year. ElectraCold is in a position to capture a very large portion of the market with the proper funding, or support from an interested customer.

One of the chief reasons that Thermo King and Transicold do not produce an electric unit is their dealers and suppliers rely on after market parts sales and repairs for their income. ElectraCold is not in the after market business of selling parts and a fully electic unit requires very little annual maintenance. Another reason those two companies don't manufacture a pure electric unit is the fact that they haven't the desire to provide one. For the past 70 years, Thermo King has been making a diesel driven unit which is almost the same as it was in the beginning. The changes have mostly been cosmetic. Their improvements in capacity are provided by increasing the RPMs of the diesel engine which is some cases now exceed 2,600 RPM. Although the compressors by both Thermo King and Transicold can withstand the added RPMs, they were never designed to run more than 1,800 originally. ElectraCold incorporates a scroll compressor that is designed to run quietly and efficiently. ElectraCold units are capable of providing capacities 25% greater than existing units and at temperatures of -25 degrees F. as standard. Temperatures of -40 are available, if desired, for trailers with adequate insulation.

At present, ElectraCold is a small company. All testing has been completed on a product that can revolutionize the way refrigerated equipment is built for the transportation industry. Any investor joining in this effort will be afforded an opportunity to become part of a vast market potential and, for a relativity small investment when compared to the payoff within a few years. The R&D value at present was estimated at over $10,000,000. With the Patent Pending addition of the Kinetic Drive ElectraCold has developed a proven method of saving even more money by using the kinetic engergy of the vehicle to power the necessary hydraulics for the on-board generator.

The Proof of Concept unit has been running for more than 5 years in San Francisco while the on-board generator has operated for more than two years. The Prototype Manufacturing unit is shown on the webpage. The unit will only need minor adjustments to be ready for full production.

For more information please leave a message and phone number at 541 260 6633 or email: All inquiries will be treated with respect and will be checked to insure the validity of anyone claiming interest. Because of all the robocallers, ElectraCold filters all calls prior to returning any calls.

If you would like a copy of the Business Summary, please click on this link for a PDF version: Plan Executive Summary.pdf