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Electric TRUs eliminate exhaust emissions.
Electric TRUs are not subject to CARB regulations.
Electric TRUs reduce weight up to 1,500 lbs. over diesel units.
Electric TRUs have improved reliability & durability.

PLUG and GO or PLUG and STAY

Tractor Mounted Electric Power for Trailers
No Diesel Engine
Hydraulicly powered from the tractor engine.
24 kVA (19 Kw) 440/220 volt 3 phase designed and contructed to operate 24/7
Fully electric over-the-road trailer refrigeration unit.

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Complete systems will be available by Fall of 2018

Price: *$27,500
Price includes the 24 kVA Power Unit and the hydraulic engine pump.

By using the on-board electric generator with an electric TRU, you will be contributing to a considerable environmental savings in carbon emissions. The main tractor engine will emit much less carbon than a smaller industrial engine running at high speed in existing diesel driven TRUs.

The maximum required power from the tractor engine will be just 30 horsepower (normal operating load will be about 17hp). Under normal full load highway speeds, the tractor engine will consume about .20 (1/5 gal) gph more than normal if the TRU is operating. At idle, the tractor engine will consume about .25 (1/4 gal) of a gallon per hour more, if the TRU is running. The result of the added horsepower load at idle increases the stack temperature which in turn reduces the emissions. Overall, the result is a savings of about 1 to 1.25 gallons per hour depending on operating conditions.

Here's a"real world" look at a company with 100 refrigerated trailers:

100 trailers x 20 gallons per day per trailer x $2.50/gallon= $5,000 per day

Now, take the money saved with an electric TRU and put it back in the profit column. That is a savings of over $1,100,000.00 per year (220 days). That is more than some companies that size have in net profits each year.

There is much"debunking" of the idea of fuel savings due to the fact that it "takes x amount of fuel for each horsepower" and, that by taking it from the nose mounted diesel engine, it would only transfer it to the tractor engine. That is not true. What is being referred to is direct engine to horsepower calculations. The electric truck transport refrigeration units are powered by a hydraulically driven 19 kW generator powered from the drive train of the tractor engine. This type of power is called "parasitic" horsepower and is not calculated the same as direct. Please read the CAT and DATA attachments below for further information.

As a side note to the above information, this method of powering refrigeration equipment is not something new. We have been supplying this type of refrigeration equipment to the fishing industry for over 20 years.

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How data is calculated for savings on electric vs diesel TRU's

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