ElectraCold, LLC

PLUG and GO or PLUG and STAY

Fully Electric eTRU Shown with 15kW Engine Driven 440/220 volt 3 phase Power Supply


Eliminates TRU exhaust emissions.
CARB compliant
Green technology.
Reduces weight up to 1,500 lbs.
Improved reliability & durability.

No battery storage required.
No additional horsepower drag from any wheel mounted alternator.
No added parts for existing trailers to drive components.
No complicated electrical inverter system to malfunction.
Simple and easy to repair equipment for the Owner/Operator.

As dependable as your kitchen refrigerator because it is built the same way.


Electric Powered for Trailers

These "Green" units are electric powered. By using the on-board electric operation, you will be contributing to a considerable environmental savings in carbon emissions. The main tractor engine will emit much less carbon than a smaller industrial engine running at high speed. The standard unit is equipped with heating options for those that need to protect a product from freezing. This revolutionary unit can also be equipped with a "Smart Start" system to further save on energy.

Evaporator outlet at 0 F., the compressor capacity is 79,000 Btu's using only 9.2 kW. Evaporator outlet at-20 F., the compressor capacity is 53,000 Btu's using only 8.3 kW. The maximum required power from the tractor engine will be just 30 horsepower (normal operating load will be about 17HP). Under normal full load highway speeds, the tractor engine will consume about .20* (1/5 gal) gph more than if the reefer was not operating. At idle, the tractor engine will consume about .25* (1/4 gal) of a gallon per hour more, if the refrigeration unit is running. The result of the added horsepower load at idle increases the stack temperature which in turn reduces the emissions. Overall, the result is a savings of about 1 to 1.25 gallons per hour depending on operating conditions.

Here's a"real world" look at a company with 100 refrigerated trailers:

100 trailers x 20 gallons per day per trailer x $3/gallon= $6,000 per day

Now, take the money saved with an ElectraCold TRU and put it back in the profit column. That is a savings of over $1,320,000.00 per year (220 days). That is more than some companies that size have in net profits each year.

Protected by Provisional Patent Application No. 61/490,238

Estimated price: $22,900
Price will include the nose mount unit, the 15kW Power Unit and the hydraulic engine pump.

ElectraCold is looking for a refrigerated carrier to partner with in the manufacturing effort. This would be a great opportunity for the right company. A large equity stake is available for a very small investment that could lead to multi-millions in sales within just a few years. Testing with over 175,000 miles has been completed. If interested, please call or email. If calling the cell number, please leave your name and number and it will be returned promptly. Scammers take up too much of our time if all calls were answered.

Cell: 541 260 6633 (leave name and number for call back asap)

EB-5 Opportunity


Manufacturing is presently being set up. If you are interested in this product, or want more information, please email your request to: Genesputer@gmail.com.

NOTICE: It has been brought to our attention that some people, who would prefer that this product not make it to the market place, have been "debunking" the idea by telling others that there would not be a fuel savings due to the fact that it "takes x amount of fuel for each horsepower" and that by taking it from the nose mounted diesel engine would only transfer it to the tractor engine. This is not true. What these people are referring to is direct engine to horsepower calculations. The electric truck transport refrigeration units are powered by a hydraulically driven 15 kW generator powered from the drive train of the tractor engine. This type of power is called "parasitic" horsepower and is not calculated the same as direct. Please read the CAT and DATA attachments below for further information.

As a side note to the above information, this method of powering refrigeration equipment is not something new. We have been suppling this type to the fishing industry for over 30 years.

Please email for further information. I request an email to avoid all the "business loan" spammers. A phone number will be furnished with my email response.

Click on the links below for further info

New York study on the future of electric transport refrigeration units (TRU)

California Air Resource Board Information

Catapillar Information on Parasitic Horsepower (hydraulic pump)

How data is calculated for savings on electric vs diesel TRU's