"PLUG and GO or PLUG and STAY"
Plug into the truck generator or any standard 220/440 AC electrical outlet

The kinetic addition can be adapted to just about any drive train available. An on-board generator set can be supplied with any popular voltage required. The generator set would be available to supply any electrical demand from stand-by utility power to emergency power for any disaster.

The kenitic energy patent would be licensed for free during any development R&D. For more information on becoming an owner of this energy saving product, please feel free to contact: Gene@ElectraCold.com or call 541 260 6633 and leave a call back number. Please leave you name and what you are calling for as I won't return calls to robocallers.


With the Patented Kinetic Motion Option
Patent Number 10428844

What is “Kinetic Motion Option”? A fully loaded semi (80,000 lbs) going 70 mph has about 17,000 horsepower available in kinetic energy. What we at ElectraCold have done is to harness a small part of the available energy by using highly efficient hydraulic pumps (up to 98% efficiency) and use that energy source to power an on-board 18 kW 220/440 volt ac generator. This electrical power is sufficient to power even the largest electric trailer refrigeration units (TRUs) available. It actually has the power to run two units at a time. The system uses two hydraulic pumps; one on the tractor engine and one on the drive train of the tractor. At speeds below 40 mph the tractor engine supplies all the necessary power to drive the generator. At speeds above 40 mph, 95% of the time, the drive train uses the kinetic energy from the moving vehicle to supply the power to drive the generator. All this at up to 98% efficiency.

There is no other system that can provide a more cost effective means of providing refrigeration to the trucking industry or a cleaner energy system to meet the demands of today and well into the future.


Electric TRUs eliminate exhaust emissions.
Electric TRUs are not subject to CARB regulations.
Electric TRUs reduce weight up to 1,500 lbs. over diesel units.
Electric TRUs have improved reliability & durability.

Generator Only for OTR Electric power.
ElectraCold has been making electric refrigeration units for more than 35 years but recomends the Carrier Transicold 8100. There are other electric units and the generator can be furnished with 220 volt 3 phase power, 440 volt 3 phase power or a combination of both. There are also other power options available for international us

Tractor Mounted Electric Power for Trailers

15kW generator mounted behind the truck cab and under the swing of the TRU. Left view shown with covering removed. This generator set can also power the Carrier Transicold Model 8100 with the saving shown below. The generator can supply up to 18 KW 440/220 (other voltages available)volts AC.

24 kVA (19 Kw) 440/220 volt 3 phase designed and constructed to operate 24/7

By using the on-board electric generator with an any eTRU, you will be contributing to a considerable environmental savings in carbon emissions. The main tractor engine will emit much less carbon than a smaller industrial engine running at high speed in existing diesel driven TRUs.

The maximum required power from the tractor engine will be just 30 horsepower (normal operating load will be about 17hp). Under normal full load highway speeds, the tractor engine will consume about .20 (1/5 gal) gph more than normal, if the TRU is operating. At idle, the tractor engine will consume about .25 (1/4 gal) of a gallon per hour more, if the TRU is running. The result of the added horsepower load at idle increases the stack temperature which in turn reduces the emissions. Overall, the result is a savings of about 1 to 1.25 gallons per hour depending on operating conditions. Using the Kinetic Drive option will reduce the total fuel consumption to about .1 (one tenth) of a gallon per hour for a normal trip where the truck is traveling over 40 mph 95% of the time.

Here's a "real world" look at a company with 100 refrigerated trailers:

100 trailers x 20 gallons per day per trailer x $3.00/gallon= $6,000 per day

Now, take the money saved with an electric TRU and put it back in the profit column. That is a savings of over $1,000,000.00 per year.

There is much "debunking" of the idea of fuel savings due to the fact that it "takes x amount of fuel for each horsepower" and, that by taking it from the nose mounted diesel engine, it would only transfer it to the tractor engine. That is not true. What is being referred to is direct engine to horsepower calculations. The electric truck transport refrigeration units are powered by a hydraulically driven 15 kW generator powered from the drive train of the tractor engine. This type of power is called "parasitic" horsepower and is not calculated the same as direct. Please read the CAT and DATA attachments below for further information.

As a side note to the above information, this method of powering refrigeration equipment is not something new. We have been supplying this type of refrigeration equipment to the fishing industry for over 40 years.

Click on the links below for further information

New York study on the future of electric transport refrigeration units (TRU)

California Air Resource Board Information

Caterpillar Information on Parasitic Horsepower (hydraulic pump)

How data is calculated for savings on electric vs diesel TRU's


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